Big Idea 1 · evolution

Metabolism First Vs. Replication First

In class this week we learned about two possible explanations for the first left forms on Earth. The two different hypothesizes were Metabolism first and Replication first. We spilt up into groups and had half the group research metabolism first, and the other half research replication first and when we were done we presented out hypothesizes to the other half of our group and then researched facts to debunk the two hypothesizes.

evolution · week one

Week 1

This week, our first week of school, we worked on a lab called got GOT LACTASE? In summary, the lab was pretty much drawing conclusions from data and working with excel to learn how to create graphs and tables and find things like the standard deviation in a way that is much quicker and easy.

The hardest part of this lab, for me, was thinking beyond what I could see and having to think deeper about what the points on the graph mean, or what the average from the two different samples say, things like that.

From this lab I was able to draw conclusions about the amount of protein produced by people who possess either more, or less, gene copies of AMY1. In the process of this lab I was really able to familiarize myself with excel and some key terminology in analyzing data. I believe this lab is a good building block for the year because, not only did we get introduced to biology, we also got introduced to key resources and concepts.