Week Reflection 3/20-3/23

1.How does meiosis differ from mitosis? What is the ploidy number of the products in both processes?

The main difference  between mitosis and meiosis is that mitosis involves the process in which a diploid cell divides into two identical diploid cells. So, basically, a cell that has two entire copies of an organism’s chromosomes splits into two cells, each with one entire copy. In meiosis, one cell splits into four haploid cells. Each of the haploid cells has half a copy of the organism’s chromosomes.

2. What is non disjunction? Give an example.

Non disjunction is what occurs when the sister chromatids, or homologous pairs, do not divide properly in anaphase 1 or 2. Non disjunction leads to off distribution of chromosomes in the daughter cells. Non disjunction can lead to Down Syndrome.

3. Compare contrast asexual vs sexual reproduction. Describe pros and cons of each.


pros: pass down full copy of genetics, no need for partner to create offspring

cons: good genes are shared, not as god at evolving


pros: shares good genes, better at evolving, easier to survive environmental changes

cons: mixing genes combinations, have to find a mate, requires a partner,

4. Describe what you learned in class on Thursday either about Molly or about chimeras.

Thursday was super helpful for me! Basically, we learned about a girl named Molly who had anemia and needed a bone marrow donor. We were examining her parents chromosomes and her chromosomes, to draw the conclusion that the best donor for her would be someone she is related to because their parents are using the same sets of chromosomes to conceive them.

I learned that a chromatid is just replicated chromosome, and that in meiosis you will end up with 1 chromosome from the original set, and then the other gamete will provide the other homologous chromosome.


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