Weekly Response 3,2,1 (3/6-3/10)

3 things I learned:

  1. There are two kinds of genes that can result in caner. One, oncogenes, speed up the cell cycle, while, two, tumor suppressor genes, are what inhibit a defective cell from continuing on in the cell cycle, and are the “brakes” of the cycle.
  2. Oncogenes and tumor supressor genes are spread throughout the various chromosomes and when they mutate they can cause proliferation of the cell and lead to mutated genes, which cause cancer.
  3. Tumor suppressor genes are recessive and require 2 to result in a loss of function. Proto-oncogenes are dominant and require 1 allele to be mutated to result in an overdrive of function.

Two things that surprised/interested me:

  1. I was pretty surprised that the number of genome errors were low. I definitely expected the number of errors to be much higher.
  2. It was also interesting to me that there are very little maintenance genes in human chromosomes.

One question I still have:

  1. Why is it that there sometimes three components, while most genes only have to parts?

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